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Cree launch BR30 9.5W LED light 650lm
Cree home indoor lighting series add new members: BR309.5 WLED replace lamp, flood light,
providing 650 lumens, can replace traditional lamps of 65 w.
Cree BR30LED lamp is 100% using LED lighting scheme introduced A small step, Cree, corporate
 vice President of marketing Michael Watson says BR30 bulb compared with earlier this year
 announced A - lamps for residential customers save more energy. BR30 lamp is suitable for
the kitchen to shoot the light, the light bulb inside adopted A similar chip tower structure
 of the A - lamps, in addition, the lamp base and drive electronics is nearly the same, but
BR30 XB - GLED adopted by the smaller. In spite of this, these similarities will help Cree
company reduce production costs, customers can through the home depot (HomeDepot) 2700 k
($19.97) or 5000 (k) ($21.97) two kinds of models.