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Lumilux 100lm/w LED Ceiling Light
 COB (chips on board),multi led chips are packaged together as one lighting module.
When it light up,it looks like a lighting panel.
In view of the cost and application requirements,COB packaging mostly adopt multichips
intergrated package.Its features as following:
1,Multiple chipscan be freely connected in series or parallel.it saving the cost of
the driver circuit.
2,Excellent sink, bonding the chip in high thermal conductivity aluminum PCB directly.
3,High output of luminous flux
4,High uniformity ratio of illuminance,easy to design light distribution,best general
5,Easy to assemble lighting,low cost of production
6,It has been applied in led spotlight,bulb,downlight,flood light and highbay,etc.
Now most COB led light , their luminous efficacy around 70-80lm/w,but Lumilux new design
ceiling,luminous efficacy over 100lm/w. 7W 750-830lm,also housing have nice heat dissipation,
The COB led packing technolody is different with other company in the market,when you driver
led itself,over 140lm/w. So it make finished product 100lm/w.