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1.Led type: SMD3528,DC12V
2.Led quantity: 30 Leds/0.5m,48 Leds/0.5m,
3.Power consumption: 2.4w/pcs,3.84w/pcs, light angle: 120degree,
4.3 Leds per segment
5.Chooseable Led color: White, Warm White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
6.Operating temperature:-20~+80 degree
7.Life span: 50,000 hours at least 
1,-Cove lighting 
2,-Architectural lights for canopy,corridor,window,archway 
3,-Backlight or edge lighting for signage 
4,-DIY lights for home use 
5,-Decorative lights for holiday,event,show,exhibition 
6,-Decorative lights for automobile 
7,-Ideal replacement of incandescent and fluorescent light 
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