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Office LED lighting

Office lighting
Lighting is a key factor in office environment, it can give employees a good safety of spirit and mental state, so as to improve the work efficiency of employees. An elaborate lighting scheme will create comfortable working environment for our employees that make them reduce fatigue, pay more attention to work on hand, so as to maximize their own ability, to create maximum profits for company.
From open to closed room room, to public places from the conference room, hall, toward the peng photoelectric can provide various types of office flexible LED lighting solution. Toward the peng lighting solutions for you to save money at the same time, also can be your office in the green healthy workplace.
Toward the peng advantage of leds:
1.) no infrared and ultraviolet ray, no harsh, can make the employees to work more comfortable and health;
2). The pure white color temperature can improve office decoration in clever, attract customer attention;
3). Under low temperature, long life, energy saving, helps to reduce air conditioning costs and reduce maintenance and operating costs, to help enterprises save electricity expenses;
4). The use of non-toxic materials, bringing to your office to the green era of sustainable development, enhance the brand image of you.
Applicable to the reception area, lobby, conference room, general workplace and channel, etc.